Adventure Mobiles | Rio Verde, AZ

Today's adventure started out with an early morning coffee run to Fourtillfour, where I usually find myself surrounded by Porsches and other classic European automobiles.  This morning was different however, as Nico hosted another genre of his particularly favored vehicles.  Amongst the Land Cruisers and other versatile machines, today's theme was "Adventure Mobiles." Following the coffee and conversation, a few of us decided to take some of the trucks out to the river.  This journey was too tough for my personal Touareg on 22's and street tires; so I ditched it at a pull-off and continued onward in Nico's Tacoma.  Beers were enjoyed, rivers were jumped in, and good times were had.  Here are some shots from our trek to Rio Verde.  

European Experience 2016 | Savannah, GA.

I'm currently in Georgia for the annual early summer Volkswagen show held in Georgia.  However, this year's setting has slightly changed.  Southern Wörthersee, traditionally known as "Sowo," has been the iconic event that garnered the attraction of enthusiasts for years in the quaint German-styled town of Helen, Ga.   This beloved show has now transitioned into a new chapter, and is currently known as The European Experience, hosted in the city of Savannah.  With an unfamiliar tone and strange new surroundings, this event is certainly under everyone's scope of judgement.  Opinions have been mixed throughout, but the weekend is still young.  I'm eager to see how the remainder of the show transpires into tomorrow and Sunday.  Here are some quick captures from around town Friday.  


Barrett-Jackson Palm Beach 2016 Recap

I just spent a week in Florida for our Palm Beach auction.  After long days of shooting and editing content for car features, sponsors, auction action, and everything in between, I'm proud to present the final recap video. Check out the coverage here:

Fountain Hills Concours

Around here, it seems like very week there's something automotive related going on.  I'm very lucky to live in such a place as passionate about cars as I am.  Last weekend I visited Fountain Hills for the Concours in the Hills event.  There was a little bit of everything here.

Barrett-Jackson Scottsdale 2015

I just redid this website, and it will act as a gallery and blog for all my new work.  I recently moved to Scottsdale, AZ to take a position as the head cinematographer for Barrett-Jackson.  We just wrapped our local auction in January and I survived the chaos that comes with it.  Our next auction is in April in Palm Beach, FL.  Here is the video recap I produced: